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Jubilee Green Orchard
Working sessions 2022
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Work party Sunday 24th April 2022: thanks to Paul Arthur for the report
Jubilee Green work party, 24th April 2022
Five volunteers turned out for our Jubilee Green work party. We had a sunny if breezy morning, and benefitted from a much needed overnight shower. Jobs were:
  • trimming grass from around all the fruit trees. Some grass removed and stashed underneath ash tree. This in preparation for a Town Council grass cut, expected this week. The cut grass will be picked up.
  • planting of two alder buckthorn saplings. One in the copse underneath the ash, and the other within the grid of shrubs to the southwest of the site. Both were watered. They were protected with sticks and netting that we had earlier removed from around the Warrior apple tree.
  • removal of several sumac (stags horn) shoots that had come up in the copse under the ash tree.
  • cut grass around the bench and oak tree.
  • we saw a number of orange tip butterflies fluttering around the cuckoo flowers (that is one of their food plants).
  • several small white butterflies, and a holly blue were spotted.
  • there is plenty of Corky-fruited Water-dropwort coming up in the bank.
  • The tree label for the Warrior apple tree has disappeared and will be replaced in due course.
  • The recently planted Stella cherry tree is doing very well, and even has some blossom coming!    

A good morning was had by all!
Work party Sunday 23rd January : thanks to Paul Arthur for the reports
Four brave souls turned out on a cold, cloudy but very calm morning to do some work at Jubilee Green. Main jobs were:
  • Pruning of fruit trees. The ones tackled today were Pomeroy of Somerset, Rosemary Russet and Adam’s Pearmain.  The Melcombe Russet is still too small to warrant any pruning. The ones yet to be done are Golden Ball, Allington Pippin and Warrior. We don’t normally prune the medlar.
  • Cutting all eight tree circles with shears. The cut grass was stashed at the back of the copse underneath the ash tree.
  • Cuting the grass and weeds (including Green Alkanet) in a foot wide strip along the copse side of the tarmac path.
  • We found part of a wing of a peacock butterfly, which had probably been on the wing on Thursday in the sunshine. There were also two celandines in flower!