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Jubilee Green
working sessions 2017

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Tuesday 23rd May: report from Paul Arthur
A small team of five volunteers enjoyed a calm balmy, cloudy and muggy evening whilst carrying out important maintenance tasks at Jubilee Green. Achievements included:
- Cutting grass from around all of the shrubs in the copse underneath the large ash tree
- Scything small circles of grass from around all shrubs in the grid of 16 in the southwest quadrant, collecting up cut grass and stashing in front of hedge at top of site. The two recently planted shrubs in this area are dong well
- Scything circles around the shrubs in the hazel coppice at the south east of the site
- Digging up and removing docks
There are some good patches of yellow rattle in flower, and where it is really thriving, to the north of the weeping lime, the grass is well suppressed
There are a number of useful wild flowers putting in an appearance, including ox-eye daisy, geraniums (various varieties), sorrel, birds foot trefoil, and one bluebell spotted! All of the grass is looking very lush.
Tuesday 11th April : report from Paul Arthur
Eight volunteers enjoyed a dry, sunny evening with fantastic views over Bridport. Our achievements were:
- We scythed around the edge of the plateau meadow area, and trimmed off some of the longer clumps of grass within the meadow. There was a reasonable amount of yellow rattle coming up, maybe a little more than we had earlier thought.
- Cutting the grass around all nine fruit trees, using scythe or shears, and some circles were weeded too.
- We tidied the copse area by cutting and weeding the grass around the shrubs.
- We planted a silver birch in the space we identified last month. We also noticed that the hazel we had planted last month is doing well.
- There is slight damage to one of the fruit trees.
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Tuesday 14th March: report from Paul Arthur
A cloudy, mild, dry and calm morning, ideal for carrying out a variety of tasks. Six volunteers this time, and jobs were:
• Weeding and trimming grass from around all nine tree circles
• Final pruning of fruit trees
• Re-inking of all tree labels
• Greasing to combat winter moth
• Weeding and trimming of growth around all shrubs in the copse
• Trimming grass around oak tree
• Planting a hazel in the spot a shrub had been removed from last month
• Some yellow rattle seedlings were identified in the meadow area
Tuesday 14th February : report from Paul Arthur
Despite the cloudy and dull weather, with some drizzle to round off the session, an enthusiastic band of seven volunteers tackled some late winter season tasks. These were:
- The pruning of the fruit trees (a little more needs to be done here)
- Weeding around all of the fruit trees, removing dandelions etc.
- Trimming and removal of grass from the small copse in the bottom south east corner of the site
- Trimming of grass from around the grid of shrubs in the southern area of the site (one of these shrubs had died and was removed, possibly to be replaced by a spare whip that we still have at St Mary’s Church Field)
- Trimming and removal of grass from around all of the whips in the copse area that had been planted in May 2015.
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