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Bridport Community Orchard Benefits From Waitrose Donation : May 2017

The Community Orchard in Bridport has just benefitted from a £300 donation from Waitrose, raised by their February “Community Matters” green token collection.
As the orchard continues to mature, the fruit trees are becoming more productive, and this generous donation will be used to help purchase vital apple juicing equipment that will enable the community as a whole to enjoy the delicious apple juice produced from the wide variety of apple trees.
The cheque was presented by Tara Dobel and very gratefully received by members of the BCOG committee: (left to right) Jenn Baker, Paul Arthur and Gill Massey.

The Orchard & Jubilee Green working sessions 2017
Please click here to read or download a list of this year’s dates for forthcoming working mornings for both sites.

If you would like to read reports of
all our working mornings (the most recent and historical), please click the links below:

St Mary’s Field
Jubilee Green

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Community Gardening Group
The Community Gardening Group started its new sessions for 2017 on Thursday 23rd March.
Would you like to join us?
Find out more (including allotment plans for 2017) here

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Information for forthcoming working sessions
Sunday 11th June - from 10.00am @ St Mary’s Field
Report available for viewing here

Jubilee Green
Please note changed day: working sessions will now be on the fourth Sunday of the month
10.00 a.m. Sunday 25th June

Management of the tree whips bank
Clearing the grass and weeds from the tree circles.
Checking tree stakes.
Scything a clear edge to the paths.
When is Apple Day this year?
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Saturday 14th October 2017 - from 11.00 a.m.
BCOG’s Management Committee has signed up to the CLS Food Future Britain aims. To read more, please click the link below: