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Working sessions in St Mary's Field
January - June 2019
Sunday 10th February
Overnight rain cleared through just in the nick of time to give us a fine morning with a little sunshine and the occasional fleeting shower. An enthusiastic band of 16 volunteers enjoyed carrying out the following tasks:
Continued work on the winter fruit tree pruning, though still more to do.
Some storage racks were skilfully created and installed in the new shed, and are now holding the new tools. Various items in the shed were also rearranged to make more efficient use of the space. A good job well done.
The fence barriers at each end of the bee enclosure that are protecting the recently laid hedges were adjusted and made more secure, with some extra tree branches woven in.
A good start was made on trimming back the hedge between the allotments and the orchard, with about half completed.
Good progress with the water butt rearrangement. The one behind the new shed was moved to the wildlife shed, and one from behind the allotment shed was moved to the new shed. Both are connected up and functional. More work needs to be done to get the allotment shed butt installed and connected up.
A little tidying up of the pond.
The bog garden was weeded, and the brambles behind it trimmed back.
Much wooden debris was burnt on a very welcomed bonfire.

Thanks to Paul Arthur
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Sunday 13th January
An excellent start to the winter tree pruning. Eight trees completed so far.
The cordons were weeded and the grass on the bee enclosure side of the line of trees was trimmed back.
One damaged post that had been supporting the cordons was replaced, and the wires reattached.
The gate into the bee enclosure was made good with the catch realigned. It now works!
The barrier to complement the laid hedge in the bee enclosure was finished; some posts were knocked in and thin branches woven across the top.
Some tidying of the pond with some debris removed.
A start was made on the weeding of the bog garden.
The water butts beside the allotment shed were emptied and removed. A plan for their reinstatement has been agreed.
Some preparation ahead of Wassail, with jobs such as erecting the gazebo, and preparation of firewood. 
Thanks to Paul Arthur for this report

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