Wildlife reports 2018
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January 28th
Last Sunday's mild, cloudy and dry weather proved ideal for our annual pond tidying. We were lucky to have the services of Steve Scorey, who, as well as being an expert on ponds, also has the full length waders to enable him to boldly go into areas of the pond where not many have gone before.
Our plan was to remove some of the more vigorous bull rushes, iris and grass which were doing their best to turn the pond back into dry land, to leave more clear water. The window for doing this is extremely narrow, as it has to be in the winter to minimalise disturbance, but not when the temperature is too low.
Steve removed several large clumps of vegetation which we left for some time by the pond’s edge to enable any wildlife capable of doing so to creep back into the water. Over twenty frogs and possibly a toad or two plus several palmate newts all managed with minimal help to return to their home. All of these amphibians have just returned to the water after winter hibernation in order to breed. Other critters needed a more hands on approach. Dragonfly and alder fly larvae, water hog-lice (aquatic cousins to woodlice), pirate spiders, tiny freshwater clams and a huge quantity of rams horns snails were amongst those helped back into the pond.
The healthy quantity of (slightly indignant) frogs, toads and newts is an indication that, hopefully, we shall soon see some spawn. Winter’s not gone but spring will soon be bustling along.

Thanks to Gill Massey