Working sessions at Jubilee Green Orchard 2019
27th January
All 7 of the apple trees at Jubilee Green, plus the medlar, needed winter pruning.  We had 5 of the more experienced tree team members present, plus 2 comparative novices.   We enjoyed a sunny morning and fortunately were sheltered from the strong northwesterly wind by Allington Hill, which rises behind the site.
Our aim this year in addition to overall winter pruning was to reduce the height of the Rosemary Russet, Warrior and Golden Ball.  We are unable to bring our orchard ladder to this site, so need to keep the trees to a height that’s manageable with short steps and the long-arm pruner.  This means removing branches that are soaring skywards, instead favouring those that form a lower, wider canopy.  The trees on the site are of varying sizes, Melcombe Russet, Allington Pippin and Pomeroy of Somerset being quite small still, so we were able to finish the pruning of all 8 in about 2.5 hours. 
Thanks to Christine Preston for this report
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